Services of Police Brutality Lawyers
A police officer is tasked with ensuring that there are law and order at all times yet at times they are the people breaking the law. If a police officer comes off as being excessively violent, harassing suspects, inflicts wounds on them or kills when the suspect did not pose any threat or intention to cause harm then that is a crime. Luckily the victims of misconduct by police are protected by the federal law. Police officers are also prohibited from discrimination people on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race of the suspect and the gender too. To learn more about Police Brutality Lawyer, click here. If you have been detained with unreasonable force or violent measures have been used to arrest you or search your property you have the right to seek the legal assistance that police brutality lawyers provide.

An officer needs to have probable cause to detain you. A false arrest or imprisonment arises when the police take an individual into custody without a warrant or the probable cause. The arresting officer would have to see the person doing the act or omission or has a reasonable belief had or was about to commit the crime in question. The reasonable belief needs to be based on the information that the officer has on the time they will be arresting the suspect. If the information turns to be false or unreliable the officer will not be liable for committing a crime. If the police officer lacks this legal jurisdiction the suspect in custody can claim false arrest and bring in the services of the attorney.

Malicious prosecution is another ground to claim a crime by law enforcement. This happens when the police initiate criminal proceedings without probable cause but with malicious intent against the victims and the proceedings end in favor of the victim. Read more about Police Brutality Lawyer from here. These claims are justified by the fact that no one should undergo unnecessary emotional stress, financial stress, and embarrassment that comes with a criminal prosecution that lacks legitimacy.

A police brutality lawyer will also help you out with unreasonable searches too. Some cases will see law enforcement go beyond their authority in the process of searching for illegal items and weapons one may be carrying. The police need to have permission, warrants or emergency based reason to come to your property and do a search otherwise the victim can launch a legal claim. If you are not under arrest and the police do a body search on you it creates grounds to make a legal claim too. There are many cases that can have you seek help from police brutality lawyers. It takes understanding the law well so that your rights are not violated. Learn more from
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